I am currently living in Brooklyn, New York though I’ve bounced between here and Suffolk County, Long Island since birth. I am a huge fan of all things fiction, and the only films I don’t enjoy are over the top B-Horror movies and nonsensical comedies (though admittedly, they have their place). I’m much more picky about what I read and watch on TV, and seem to never have enough time to watch or read all the things I would like to. If I could control time, I’d very likely freeze it just so I could read more. I’ve a soft spot for romance and have yet to see a sappy or sentimental film I didn’t enjoy. I’m beginning to believe in moderated capitalism and don’t like underhanded advantages. Politics is an addiction of mine, and I can’t seem to be rid of it no matter how hard I try. I enjoy Sci-fi more than any other genre, although this isn’t saying much as I enjoy just about every genre and or medium (film, comics, novels, short stories, audiobooks, podcasts, youtube, etc.); if it’s consumable/edible, I’d probably enjoy it.

I listen to just about any type of music as long as it isn’t promoting harm or targeting a specific group (ranging from country and folk, through gangster rap and grind core, death-metal and techno, hardcore punk and instrumentals). Amongst these, my favorite groups are usually instrumental (on that note, check out Sannhet from Brooklyn) and intellectual hip-hop/rap artists (s/o to Oddisee). I relate everything back to food metaphors because it’s the one thing everyone is capable of agreeing on (when something tastes delicious, it’s delicious in every tongue).

I value silence with loved ones, and am often pretty content just sitting in a room with people I love. The only thing I enjoy more is long talks about philosophy with tea in hand (alcohol is an acceptable substitute given the proper setting). I’m always fascinated by the parts that make up the whole. I am an avid fan of all things tech-related and am a firm believer that we have become cyborgs without realizing the change, and will only become more and more so over time. For further information on this topic, please keep eyes peeled for my upcoming post on tech and tech-futures.

I am a people person despite branding myself an introvert and enjoying time spent at home playing video-games. I am working towards having a happy home and a happy family that loves their pets. I’ve been lucky enough to have a supportive family as well as supportive and creative friends. I’ve had the opportunity to meet and know some incredible humans and don’t intend to be anything less than incredible myself when the time comes to lower me into the ground.

Thanks for taking an interest and reading! For any more information, please reach out to me via my contact page and I will respond as quickly as I can.

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