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Lots of the authors I’m reading lately lean into politics. I can’t help but veer into it, i guess. In some ways, i think my mind subconsciously dismisses anything that isn’t making a political statement, and once it does i need to know how valid it is. In a way, I’m trying to gauge everything on a scale i made up, whether it applies to it or not. This is a bit odd to catch myself in the habit of, as I’m not certain that it’s healthy. Does it shape my voice? Undoubtedly. Is this restriction something i should continue to allow once I’ve become consciously aware of it? I know the answer is no, but i can’t help myself.

I’ve been reading Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn trilogy, and while the amazing magic systems and battles are going well, I’m very curious to what the unnamed political theorists are writing about in this world. Elend Venture reads all these different “banned” books, and i’m fascinated by the premise alone. What books might be banned in this world? What are the texts we aren’t allowed to read in the United States? Let me have them, please.

The trilogy is also fantastic with it’s fight sequences. To keep things spoiler free, I’m genuinely exhilarated whenever the characters do happen to engage in a conflict. I’ve theorized in my head what the video game for this series might play like, and am sorely disappointed there aren’t plans to execute on it. I unfortunately have no present means to execute on it, and so am angry at a lack of liquid capital to conduct dreams that should probably stay in REM Cycle. I envision a system of mapping abilities to L1/2/3 and R1/2/3 buttons. I see combat conducted with simple inputs for “on/off” and using the newer responsive triggers of the PS5 for a sort of “active/highly active/burst” scenario with conducting two specific abilities. The story could be conducted well by just following the script of the text, it needs no changing to be engaging and well-paced. Sanderson and his editors have already succeeded. Side missions could be conducted for harvesting necessary materials, and a lacking of proper resource management would lead to you being underprepared for any of the missions which come up. Sanderson would need to be involved for additional content, though i don’t see how anyone would be able to ruin the world he’s created.

Video games can be such a fantastic story telling medium, yet i feel it’s only in recent years that their ability to execute on both being a fun experience AND telling an engaging, well-written saga.

I’ve been sucked back into fiction and find it difficult to listen to non-fiction without becoming quickly distracted by the subject matter. Self improvement can hit a point where a person simply needs to take a break from improving, I think. Like a muscle overworked, my persona can only take so much advancement before it falls back and decides to eat shit food, sleep in late, go to bed late, play video games all night, and make zero progress on any personal/professional goals. On the bright side, I’m catching myself within a day or two, instead of spiraling over the course of a few weeks and self destructing in a blaze of self pity.

Work has been doing well. I’m only writing as much as i am today because i forgot my pen and don’t want to ruin my notebook by using something that i don’t genuinely love the ink and feel of. At some point in time I’ll be forced to write the letters i don’t want to. Of those, there is a letter to my grandfather asking if the reason that there seems to be a lack of Intellectualism among his side of the family has to do with all the dictators his home country has allowed to take power, or simply because the people never valued education to begin with and don’t think it’s a worthwhile effort. I think both answers are rooted in the former, and the latter is more cynical. Sanderson has a character named Sazed who has memorized religions to the effect of teaching them once the oppressive regime has passed, only to realize that his memorization was half the battle, and teaching people things they’ve forgotten how to place importance on is the other half.

I’d like to believe that people will rally and realize the importance of self-education once given the opportunity, but i know that it took me decades to do so. Even that, only came to me with the blessing of four parents and the opportunity to make massive, life-ruining mistakes without having my entire life and those around me ruined in the process.

I’m lucky enough to have fucked up so many times and still managed to keep my employers convinced i’m a sane, rational, human being.

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I've been meaning to become a writer since I graduated with my Bachelor's, and am lucky enough to have friends that have pushed me to do it. Here we are.

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