sewing the dreams together

Had the weirdest dreams that i was living in the Midwest but it was a different world. Still frigid, still cold, but with an even more extreme alternate climate. The cold was beyond anything I’ve known, but the walls were all painted in such bright colors. Pastel greens, yellows, pinks, in every home. An attempt to brighten the otherwise dark and barren outside. It might have been earth in a few more years, who knows. The important take away, was that people need to have something that brightens their days up for them.

Now, in this dreams i also was notified by a friend that some girl i knew in high school was still mad at me for the way i avoided her. It’s irrelevant, but it’s left the phrase “yeatzbeatit” in my head, which for some reason led me on the idea that William Butler Yeats was a compulsory masturbator, and that pantheons of English professors and majors have set aside this character flaw. Why? Who knows. A quick google search led me to someone’s dissertation on Yeats and Crowley, and how they intersect on ritual and belief. Why is this important? Directly, it isn’t. Indirectly, it’s fascinating.

I dreamt of a poorly handled relationship, walls that were painted bright to avoid the incredibly harsh outside climate and hold to some form of hope and brightness (akin to a friend of mine), and how i was somehow staying afloat despite the bleak outlook of it all.

Now, these are all inputs in dreams. To tie this into my dream of writing an incredible story, the brightly painted walls have shown me that humanity always finds some way to cling to joy. We have to. We wouldn’t be able to move forward if we didn’t do so. Somehow in the past four years, Americans found different ways to be happy. They weren’t always healthy, but we did what we could. And an outside perspective might tell you “hey man, what the hell? THAT’S all you’ve got for joy?” But it is. It’s what we have. So from this, digressions aside, comes the following outputs:

In creating a world that reflects our own, it’s important to keep this in mind; People on the fringe find joy however they can. What does joy look like for a people trapped in frozen tundra, but unfettered by it’s climate? People who thrive in something akin to what the “white walkers” of GoT seemed to (albeit functionally aware in all mental faculties, of course). A frigid landscape that appears to bear no fruit, but at least provides meat and some form of shelter. What’s that look like? Bright colors and fantastic sculptures of solid ice, the likes of which we can only imagine. Beautiful igloos that we can’t conceive of, the Icelandic “Aurora Borealis” hotels are only a glimpse.

Next, it brings me to an idea of the Earth and flora tribes too. Living in caves and creating vast underground networks to survive the shorter winters they experience, what would these people do? How would they thrive without verdure in those times? Truth be told, their inclination to greenery means they wouldn’t. They would need to have greenery at all times, beautiful Persephonous growths all throughout their networks. So… How? Trade. This is how we can connect them another tribe. They wouldn’t be able to last too long without growing some form of greenery, and amidst their ability to burrow and sprout greenery, a “greenhouse” might last those milder winters, if only they had the glass to build one.

I share this not because it’s something elusive or secretive, i share it because i want others to know that the creative process is incredibly indirect, and if you’re truly obsessed about your dreams, then you will absolutely see things where others don’t. That’s part of it. I don’t anticipate that anyone else will really see how these conclusions were drawn, because there’s an entire universe i know that you cannot. But someday, you’ll get a glimpse. IT just won’t be something you can grok, as i do. I hope you enjoy that window when you get it.

Further, it’s insane to me that a dream about something so insignificant could lead me directly to something i so specifically want to understand better (ritual and belief) so i can refine each culture in the story to a better image of itself. I wish to properly represent the people of all these factions so that they are not misconstrued, but taken at face value for what they are. To speak a truth no one will understand for well over a decade, they’re just gears in an incredible machinery.

I almost feel like i shouldn’t have shared that last bit. I hope this helps someone somehow. Thanks for reading, if you did.

Published by MG

I've been meaning to become a writer since I graduated with my Bachelor's, and am lucky enough to have friends that have pushed me to do it. Here we are.

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