Coming back to Facebook

Hey there everyone!

It’s been a while since you’ve all heard from me. Here’s a little explanation:

While I enjoyed being the source for many people to have unbiased and focused commentary of both sides of the American political coin (as well as memes and other internet vomit), I found that Facebook was time consuming and kept draining me of the energy that I knew belong elsewhere. I took the past few months to let go of Facebook and figure myself out. I spent time with my girlfriend, and less with my phone. I played some of the one hundred and fifteen video games I own, read some of the eighty-four books that i own and haven’t read, and wrote in three of the six different blank notebooks that I wasn’t using before. I realized that I have most of the things that I want, I just wasn’t where I wanted to be. Most of my problems stemmed from poor time management and my inability to fight distractions and actually do the things that I wanted to do.

“This is the real secret of life—to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it is play.” –Alan Watts

I watched a lot of different people on YouTube, listened to some podcasts, spoke with some friends who were taking charge of their lives and doing shit, and realized that I wasn’t doing the things I wanted to do, but I was definitely helping my friends as best I could. That means I was doing one of the things that really made me happy, but I wasn’t doing all of the things that I knew would make me happy.

1. Helping You Guys. Friends, family, fans, etc.

Then I made a little list of the things I knew I really wanted to do:

2. Study Video Games and write for them
3. Write on a regular basis, and hopefully help strangers through it.
4. Read more and understand the things I was reading from an author’s view
5. Understand what frustrates me, instead of letting it frustrate me.

These things line up and intersect to a degree. In writing regularly I can let off the steam from what frustrates me and look back on it. In reading more I can find the books and writers that cover Video Games in a way that helps further my understanding of it. There are more goals of course. I am pursuing my A+ certification and looking forward to a day-job career in computer repair/configuration. I’ve recently started a small business called “Rabbit Repairs” that also hooks up home systems for people that want to live a better connected and simpler life using technology. I started selling stuff that I don’t use on Ebay (thanks Gary Vee! everyone should check him out too), and began to organize my money so that I’m not spending on anything that isn’t helping me further my goals.

This all probably sounds like some self-help bullshit, but it’s not where I’m headed. I’m just sharing with you where I’m at right now, and where I’m headed. I’m always glad to help people get themselves back on track, but you can only help people that want to help themselves. Essentially, if you want help then by all means reach out and I will always do my best. To this day, I still pride myself on being there for my friends in any way that I can, but I’m also trying to focus on myself more than I used to and get shit done.

Five years from now, this post will be something people don’t read anymore because there will be much more important and relevant stuff to read by me. But I also want to say thanks to all of you that did read it, because it shows you care and are here with me for this journey. I love you all, as I always have and always will. You can always shoot me an email at and we’ll set up a time to grab coffee or lunch somewhere. There are few things i enjoy more than coffee with a friend or food (food is always good), so please, be the reason I get to enjoy either and your company.

Today, tomorrow, and always

Published by MG

I've been meaning to become a writer since I graduated with my Bachelor's, and am lucky enough to have friends that have pushed me to do it. Here we are.

2 thoughts on “Coming back to Facebook

  1. You mentioned organize money. Jerry, our director of finance knows my end goal and suggested I use this app called Mint. It’s great and so far has kept me on track. It also sents salty notification when I was to pop bottles and make it rain.

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